VANOVA is an independent audiovisual production company based in Barcelona, founded by Enric Sant and Maria Burgués. The aim of VANOVA is to produce original art-house content, be it animation or live-action, while also aiming to be an incubator of original, unique, and cutting-edge IPs that can fit in with various and multiple types of audiences.

Currently, VANOVA is developing several fiction projects, most of them focused on the animation format, including the short film "IBIS", in pre-production; the 360º immersive video installation “Children Of Matter”, in collaboration with the musician Marina Herlop, which was presented at Mira Festival 2022 in Barcelona, and is already in distribution; and the animated VR series "Lumen", in the development stage, which has already been one of the winning projects at the 2022 edition of Next Lab and has currently finished its 12 minutes prototype; among other projects.
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