360º experimental film created by the artist Enric Sant in collaboration with the musician Marina Herlop
"Children of Matter" is an abstract journey through the origin of life. Linked to the concept of Cosmos, the story is conveyed through a poetic perspective with surrealist overtones.​​​​​​​

The piece narrates a passage that begins with an image illustrating the first time the human being asks himself about his origin as an inhabitant of the Universe.

From this starting point begins a journey through various thoughts that meditate on existential questions. A symbolic and aesthetic journey featuring different shapes, colours, and figures in which the rational and the sensorial often get confused.

Format: Animated VR Short Film
Target: +13 / Young-Adults
Genre: Experimental
Duration: 6 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: No dialogue
Stage: In distribution


Film by Enric Sant
Music by Marina Herlop
Produced by VANOVA
Graphic Design by Robert Roman
Sound Effects by Gisela Maestre
Distribution Coordination by Maria Burgués
Special Thanks to Meri Lane, Primavera Labels, and MMMAD


Mira Festival | Spain, November 2022 (Dome version)
Sónar Festival | Spain, June 2023

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