Accompany Lumen towards a journey of growth. 
Lumen is a cinematic VR game that links the gameplay with the narrative story using dynamic and intuitive mechanics which allow the player to empathize with the main character. A wide set of cinematic moments, and an immersive soundtrack enable the player to delve into the universe of Lumen.
Lumen is a coming-of-age, fantastic, narrative VR game about the need to find a path in life. 
Lumen, a small luminous Animus, wakes up in a rudimentary cave filled with symbols and magical elements. One day, the cave collapses, and Lumen struggles to escape with the only help of a group of fireflies. On the surface, Lumen embarks on a long journey through a barren world full of obstacles, mysteries, and creatures. Along this path, Lumen discovers the story of its origins but also where its own destiny leads.

Format: Cinematic VR Game (5-hours Experience)
Genre: Narrative & Platform Game (Adventure, Fantarsy)
Technique: 3D & VR animation
Country: Spain
Audience: Young-Adults & Adults
Material available: Graphic bible, VR Prototype

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